DIY Baby Play Mat

This baby play mat is an easy sewing project that makes a perfect nesting project or a shower gift. It’s best to use fabric that is high contrast and has lots of interesting pictures to look at.

This baby playmat has quilted ‘elements’ but the actual quilting is very minimal. To ‘quilt’ you pick out 10-20 and hand stitch directly onto the batting. This simply stitches the top layer onto the batting and everything is held nicely together.

The result is a plush and soft play space that you can fold up and take anywhere! My baby absolutely loves finding the animals on her play mat. She is now 14 months and is still thrilled with her play mat. We play a game of ‘find the animals’ or pointing to the different objects to learn new words. I plan to put the playmat into a corner for a padded reading nook once she is a bit older.

Play Mat Materials

The playmat is machine washable on cold/delicate and you can tumble dry. Make sure to pre-wash the top and bottom layer fabrics to account for any shrinkage.

Play Mat Instructions

  1. Layer the top fabric, the quilting batting, and bottom layer like a sandwich, and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Make the circle template by using the folded quarter circle tutorial here.
  3. Tape the parchment paper together to make one big sheet. I usually cut 3 feet of parchment paper,  3 times, and tape them together.
  4. Place the circle template on the layers of fabric and batting, and draw onto the fabric with your fabric pen.
  5. Place a few pins around the inside edge of the circle and carefully cut out your circle with scissors.

baby play may

6. Pin together the top layer and the batting and baste loosely around the inner edge.

7. Now is the fun part! Double thread your needle and pick out different designs on the playmat (owl, airplane, mountain etc) and hand sew the outlines to the batting. This secures the top layer to the batting and gives that puffy quilted look. (10- 20 is enough)

play mat

8. Continue quilting until you have a balance of quilted elements around the play mat.

9. Check the back of the white batting to see where you may need to do more quilting.

10. Smooth out and place the fabric bottom layer onto the batting side. Pin together and baste loosely around the edges.

11. Open up your bias tape and pin all around the edge of your play mat. Sew a line on top of the first folded line on the tape (which is still visible from when it was all folded together) this is about a 1/2 inch in from the edge.

12. Sew the first side of the bias tape around the playmat, then trim around the playmat edge with sharp scissors where needed ( I found sometimes some batting squishes out in places) Turn the bias tape over and sew closed. Here is a great bias tape tutorial if play mat That’s it your done your baby play mat! I’d love to hear your comments and hope your baby enjoys this mat as much as mine has! Thanks to share!

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baby play mat

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  • Sarah
    February 4, 2019 at 2:54 PM

    I love the idea! Can I ask where did you get the fabric? It’s adorable!

    • Andrea
      February 6, 2019 at 10:56 AM

      Hi! The fabric was a leftover piece I had from IKEA and it says 2011 on the seam. They may have something cute at ikea:) The star fabric on the underside i designed and you can find it through the spoon flower link. Happy sewing!

  • alyssa
    March 6, 2019 at 7:52 PM

    If you want to make it larger than a 36″ diameter, how would you purchase the fabric to do so?

    • Andrea
      March 7, 2019 at 11:02 PM

      If your circle is larger than the fabric width, you have a few options, you could find a fabric with a wider width or you could could sew the fabric into large strips until it reaches the length you need to cut a larger circle. A standard 36” circle uses the least amount of fabric and it’s a great size for a baby.


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