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Simple Airbnb Holiday Decor

Airbnb holiday decor. In this guide, I’ll show you some simple ways to add coziness and cheer without going overboard. Honestly, you don’t have to go all out with glitter and glam to create a festive holiday atmosphere. A pared-down, more modern look can be just as striking, especially when decorating for winter. I’m seeing lots of natural, organic styles in Christmas decor for 2022–think soft, clean, and minimal, with light woods, white on white, and gorgeous DIY wreaths and garlands of pine and eucalyptus. Guests come from all religions, so keeping it wintery and cheerful will be the most inclusive and festive! If guests are booking your place over the holidays, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness in adding a little warmth and cheer. If you are hosting Airbnb guests over the holidays, you may be wondering if and how you should decorate. My advice as always is to keep it simple, uncluttered, and sanitizable. I tried to focus on ideas that felt appropriate for hosts: simplicity, sustainability, and ease of storage.

DIY the Decor.

There are a few quick and easy solutions that you may even have in your own backyard, or on a nearby trail. A wooden bowl with some dry pinecones gives an instant holiday feeling, as does your own homemade garland or wreath on the door. These also bring nature inside and can 100% biodegrade afterward. Add in the word ‘free’ and you have a win-win-win decor solution for simple Airbnb holiday decor! simple Airbnb holiday decor

Thrift the Decor.

You may be able to find some cool vintage decor locally like antique brass bells or a few knick-knacks or mugs. Maybe you have a great vintage shop in town, that is worth checking out. And how fun is thrifting! It’s a great excuse to go have a poke around through the eras. You can also find vintage-looking brass bells on Etsy, eBay, Pottery Barn, etc.

Less is More.

When planning their Airbnb holiday decor, many hosts swap out their decor seasonally. You can instantly create a cozier feel by simply changing a few cushion covers, framed artwork, and throw blankets. Tip: Use a Fleece throw blanket, because you want something that can be thrown in the wash after each booking.

Light and Airy.

Nordic Christmas decor is always on-trend, with lush, oversized garlands draped asymmetrically over mantels and doorways. I don’t think you need to go with a full tree, but if you do, keep it simple with a string of white lights, and a few ornaments. Tip: If you are happy to provide a tree you can always message guests asking if this is something they would like. You could also buy a live potted tree that you keep outdoors for the rest of the year. Airbnb holiday decor

Modern Scandinavian.

This style is easy to recreate for Airbnb holiday decor. Use wood elements and black and white and pops of vibrant greenery. Simple candlesticks, wooden bead strands used as garlands, all-white modern Christmas tree decorations, and Christmas stockings in chunky knits are also popular this Christmas. I’ve created a list of holiday decor ideas that are easy to add to vacation rentals. They will give a touch of warmth and cheer that guests will appreciate for years to come!

Airbnb Holiday Decor Ideas

1. Wooden Bead Strands

Simple wooden bead garlands and pastel wooden trees add a modern warmth and can be used year after year.
Airbnb holiday decor

2. Bottle Brush Trees

Bottlebrush trees have been a Christmas decor staple for many years and are available basically everywhere when the holiday season rolls around. You could make your own bottle brush trees, or buy a mini forest worth under $20. Airbnb holiday decor

3. Naturally Scented Candle

If you allow candles in your vacation rental, this makes a perfect guest gift. You can’t really reuse burnt candles, so this is great in your welcome basket for special or longer stays over the holidays. Grab one at your local farmers’ market or try this one by Sweet Water Decor. Make sure to go with quality, essential oil, and natural candles for your Airbnb holiday decor.

4. Finding the Coziness and Warmth

The great news is a few simple touches are all you need to create a cozy atmosphere with your Airbnb holiday decor!  I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing. Need some current Holiday decor inspo?! Visit my Airbnb Amazon Storefront to see what I’m loving right now!

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