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Stop Airbnb Guests from Staining Your Towels with Makeup, Forever!

During my first years as an Airbnb host, I found myself spending a lot of time (and bleach) trying to salvage towels stained with foundation and mascara. Although I provided makeup remover wipes, many guests would just use my fresh white towels instead. Hey, easy right?

I want to share a little trick that has helped me with my quest to keep my towels white. It’s just a simple, decorative little sign in the bathroom to help ‘remind guests’ to not destroy your towels.

After so many towels being stained, I decided to design a polite ‘help us save out towels’ sign, and it works! Pair with a stylish frame, and voila your towels are saved! Really, you can stop Airbnb guests from staining your towels. Imagine!

stop airbnb guests from staining your towels
Click here to get the sign!

No Stains on Our Luxury Towels… Please?

My thick, lush, white Turkish bath towels have been stained by guests many times. They’ve been sprayed, bleached, soaked and washed. Despite all of this, they have held up beautifully for more than two years, only getting softer each wash. Since putting up the sign they thankfully are not getting stained anymore! They also have hand towels to match that are wonderful quality. Guests often mention the quality of our linens and towels in reviews. I highly recommend these towels to Airbnb Hosts.

stop airbnb guests from staining your towels
Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton

Use Makeup Wipes…Please!

There is a fine line between being rude or politely mentioning something. I think most guests are innocently wiping their makeup off on towels without really thinking twice. But, If you provide a nice makeup remover, and a gentle sign, they will use it. I’ve chosen Neutrogena singles for my guests’ make removal needs. It’s a recognizable brand and gentle on the eyes. I’ve tried placing the bigger bulk version of wipes in the bathroom, but guests would often leave with the whole thing. With this option, you can ration out a couple of wipes per day. If you buy a bulk 3 pack from Amazon they are about .25 each. With this trick, you can stop Airbnb guests from staining your towels once and for all.

stop airbnb guests from staining your towels

Tips for Make-up Stains on Towels

For those make-up stains, you already have, treating them as fast as possible is key.

  • Immediately spray with a stain remover spray, like Spray and wash or Oxy Clean for at least an hour or overnight.
  • Let the load of wash pre-soak in cold water for at least an hour with laundry detergent and a cup of bleach.
  • Wash and dry normally and check for stain residue when the load is finished. If there is still yellowing or brown residue. Keep aside until you have a big enough load of stained towels.

For this next load, of stain rebels, you can be more aggressive with the bleach and soak it overnight ( at this point the towels are almost graduating to cleaning rags, so it’s do or die) You can put an end to this stain cycle with a $3 Etsy printable and a few make-up remover wipes. Try it and I’d love to hear how it’s simplified your Airbnb laundry!

More Signage for Your Airbnb

Check out My Etsy Shop for Vacaton Rental Hosts. You’ll find more Printables, Wifi Signs, Guestbook templates and Host Bundles that will take your Airbnb to the next level!

stop airbnb guests from staining your towels
stop airbnb guests from staining your towels
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