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The Best Turkish Towels for your Airbnb

One of the best ways you can welcome guests is by providing natural comfort. Choosing Airbnb towels in breathable cotton is so important. What guest wants to sweat through the night in polyester, no-wrinkle sheets? In my travels, I’ve seen many scratchy thin towels in Airbnbs. Always provide a little luxury where you can.

I always recommend Turkish towels because they have the perfect combination of both softness and absorbency – particularly those with a GSM of 600. In my 10 years as a Superhost, I’ve tried many brands of towels. I can honestly say that 100 % Turkish Cotton is the best choice for Airbnb towels that will last years.

Reasons to Love Turkish Cotton

The use of long-staple cotton makes Turkish towels very durable and long-lasting for your Airbnb towels. They won’t pill, and they can be washed endlessly and still stay soft. They are uniquely woven with long fibers which make softer and more absorbent materials. The cotton is brushed to remove shorter threads and extra material leaving only the longest, strongest, and highest quality cotton fibers for weaving the final products.

This means, your guests will enjoy quality towels today, tomorrow, and years to come. Most importantly, you won’t need to replace your towels every year.

airbnb towels
Airbnb Towels

Airbnb Towels that Naturally Repel Stains

As a host, I’m sure you have been faced with mascara and make-up stains on your towels (Always, right!) If your towels have any synthetic fibers, it’s almost impossible to bleach or remove those guest stains. But, with 100% cotton, you can always spray and bleach, and the stains will often vanish!

Tip: This little sign can help guests not to stain your towels.

Which Color of Airbnb Towel is Best?

For a Vacation rental, I suggest to always go with white Airbnb towels in the bathroom, these towels will need to stand up to stains and you need to have the option to bleach. You can go with more fun color or striped pool towels, as they tend to only have water and suntan lotion to remove.

airbnb towels

Choose Eco- Friendly

As consumers, we have so much power to buy fair trade and ethically made products. As hosts, we can try to protect the environment and make a positive impact wherever we can. With brands like Luzia offering eco-friendly premium cotton towels, they present a much cleaner, more luxurious alternative to most towels. They are also soft, plush, and durable, making them a wonderful choice overall.

airbnb towels
Turkish Striped Towels

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