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The Insider’s Guide to Getting Featured in Airbnb Categories

Getting featured in Airbnb categories means elevating your listing beyond the ordinary. It’s about crafting an unforgettable experience that leaves lasting memories, positioning your home among the most memorable and unique Airbnb destinations.

Landing a spot in Airbnb’s featured categories is like hitting the jackpot for your listing! It’s all about turning your space into an experience that guests will never forget, making your home one of the most unforgettable spots on Airbnb.

Why Aim for the Spotlight? It’s simple: these categories are where dreams meet reality. Want to offer an escape into nature, a peek into architectural genius, or maybe even a night in a UFO? This is your chance! Airbnb has crafted these collections to match every traveler’s wildest dreams with homes just like yours.

The Magic Behind the Scenes: Airbnb has a clever way of picking out homes that have that special something. Whether it’s your unique decor, the incredible views you offer, or the sheer novelty of your space (think treehouses or tiny homes!), if your place has character, Airbnb is ready to make it a star.

A few Spotlight Categories to Inspire You:

  • Design: Your home could be celebrated for its architectural beauty or stunning interior design.
  • Cabins: Imagine your cozy retreat being the go-to spot for nature lovers.
  • Amazing Views: Offer guests a window to the world’s most breathtaking sights.
  • Beachfront: Let the soothing sound of waves be your guest’s wake-up call.
  • Tiny Homes: Show how big adventures come in small packages.
  • OMG: For the truly unique—yes, even UFOs—this category is a guest magnet.

Getting featured is more than just visibility; it’s about becoming a part of someone’s adventure, a memory they’ll treasure forever. Ready to make your listing legendary?



    Earning Your Place Among the Featured

    Getting featured on Airbnb is like receiving a gold star for your amazing hosting skills! It shows you’re all about delivering top-notch service and crafting stays that guests can’t stop raving about. Airbnb loves to spotlight hosts who rack up great reviews and keep their cancellation rate at a big, round zero, ensuring every guest walks away with a smile.

    Quick Tips to Stand Out:

      • Keep your space spotless and loaded with thoughtful touches.
      • Choose a unique theme that captures the imagination.
      • Invest in professional photos to showcase your space’s best angles.
      • Engage with guests and keep your calendar up-to-date to improve your visibility.

    Pro tip:  visit your calendar once a day, this helps to skyrocket the Airbnb algorithm into viewing you as an engaged host. 


    Getting featured in Airbnb categoriesGetting featured in Airbnb categories

    Wrapping it up, and shining in Airbnb’s featured categories is much more than just a moment in the spotlight; it’s about leaving a mark. It’s about crafting experiences so special that guests carry them in their hearts long after their bags are unpacked. By pouring your creativity, passion, and dedication into every detail, your place has the potential to join the ranks of Airbnb’s most unforgettable homes. So, take this journey to heart, and let’s aim for the stars together. Best of luck!


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