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Amazing Vacation Rental Portraits for Hosts

Vacation Rental Portraits are a special addition to any rental. In support of giving Tuesday, small businesses, and creatives, I am doing a series featuring unique artists, who have found a special niche in the vacation rental market.

Melissa Rothman is a surface designer & illustrator, and for the last year, she has been focusing on home portraits for real estate agents and vacation rental hosts. I first discovered Melissa on Instagram and really admired her work. She is creating the most beautiful hand-drawn watercolor portraits for hosts! The details are amazing.

“Artistically treating homes the way they want to be treated seems esoteric, but this one was plain and clear. It demanded played-up color and dramatic contrast”

Melissa Rothman

Having a hand-drawn home portrait would be such a special touch to have in your Airbnb! There are so many creative ways to showcase it. This is such a special addition to have in your Airbnb. You can frame it as original artwork, print it on welcome cards, prints, notecards & postcards! You could even use the illustration as to your logo and on your social media platforms. What would you print your custom home portrait on? Here are some ideas:

  • Frame as original artwork
  • Print it on welcome cards
  • Make prints for guests
  • Add it notecards & postcards
  • Make stickers
  • Print on coffee mugs

What would you print your custom home portrait on?

Vacation Rental gift certificate
Vacation Rental Portraits

Tell us about yourself!

Hey, I’m Melissa! I live for painting, drawing, stretching, breathing, reading, and writing. Many of my late nights are spent in my home studio along with my calico kitten, Violet. My artwork focuses on the intricacies of a home that make it unique to each family. Whether it be a favorite climbing tree or a carefully crafted wreath, I’m always looking to develop a sense of nostalgia in my paintings. Home portraits meld the physical pieces and complex emotions of a special place into a new perspective.

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Though I worked as an in-house graphic designer for many years, I was constantly searching for ways to be more independent, creative, and in touch with my community. In 2019 after finishing graduate school, I was determined to strike out on my own as an entrepreneur and I began freelancing in design and illustration. 

How did you start painting Vacation Rental Portraits?

By chance, an old friend contacted me asking me for a simple painting of her home and the rest is history. My home portraits have transformed into a successful and fulfilling venture in a remarkably short amount of time. This business has given me the freedom to work from my home, for myself, and directly with my community. Each and every painting is important to me because each and every painting plays a part in supporting both my wildest dreams and my everyday life.

Host Gift Idea

I think that gift certificates, supporting small businesses, are the perfect way to give gifts this season. This could be an amazing fit idea for a host friend or loved one. Maybe for the husband that is impossible to buy for? Her portraits are highly in demand, and her website says she’s paused orders, but she is offering beautiful gift certificates for the holidays. You will be put on a waitlist for the new year, as she’s the only artist, and each is created with love.

Melissa has a dedicated site for these portraits here. Her certificates are printed on premium paper, packaged with care, and come in a clean white envelope. She will ship within two days in which is still plenty of time for Christmas. 

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Melissa is really talented and you should check her out here! It’s a fun way to bring a vacation rental portrait to a host friend or loved one!

***Giveaway alert****

Melissa has been kind enough to offer one of my followers a free bespoke portrait of their vacation rental with 10 printed greeting cards! Stay tuned to my Instagram page for that giveaway soon!

P.s I also have a new online shop with $25 holiday gift certificates, that you can send to host friends via email for the holidays! They can choose any printables or templates they like! You can find that here!

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