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Vacation rental advice roundup! There is nothing I love more than guiding hosts to confidently and powerfully start their first Airbnb and create the business of their dreams. I know that starting your first Airbnb is an unknown venture and it can be nerve-racking and overwhelming at times. I always strive to help hosts welcome their first guests smoothly and learn how to host with heart.

In saying that, I wanted to share a few highlights from a few articles that I recently participated in! The first was an expert roundup of STR hosts featured on They gathered the most successful vacation experts and asked for different tips and advice on the best strategies that you can use to start your own short-term rental business.

Starting a Successful Vacation Rental

Starting a Successful Vacation Rental Tips from the Experts by Maria Jose Meneses. It’s worth the read, and there are many gems of advice! You can check out her article with my vacation rental advice here!

What amenities can’t I miss in my vacation rental bedroom?

As an Airbnb Ambassador, I’ve helped hundreds of new hosts set up their listings. I always let them know that the bedroom is the most important space to design with guests in mind. Most guests will spend time relaxing in their rooms and each bedroom should be an oasis of comfort. If there is space, furniture such as a bedside table and a lamp, a comfortable chair, and a small desk or table will be appreciated. Invest in quality, high thread count linens, as well as firm and soft pillows to suit every guest. You’ll want to have at least three sets per bed, that way you can always have one in the wash, a clean set on hand for a quick turnover, and an extra set for the guests. Soft lighting should be installed; floor and table lamps will help to create a warm lighting effect. Make sure to provide a full-length mirror, as guests want to see how they look from head to toe!

Making a Digital Imprint with Social Media

Beyond also featured Mammamode in their recent article “How to Start an Airbnb Rental Part 3: Pricing, Reviews, and Social Media Strategies” You can read the full article here.

With 15k+ followers on @Mamma.mode on Instagram, Andrea is a social media expert. Andrea Clarkson is a seasoned Airbnb host who began with a rental in Switzerland. A few years later, she is now a Superhost, and Airbnb ambassador, and even offers advice to fellow hosts on her website She shares her story below:

“I began my hosting adventure with my tiny apartment in a ski resort in Switzerland when I worked as a fashion buyer back in 2012. When we bought our Mid-century home in Washington State a few years later, I really saw the potential to turn the suite into an Airbnb! With a few small renovations, adding in a wall and french doors, we were able to create an oasis for travelers to the Palouse Area.

“Mamma Mode is for hosts to gain inspiration + spark their creative side! I started this blog to share my creative hosting ideas and help new hosts become Superhosts! When I decided years ago to start an Airbnb. I didn’t know where to start at first. I kept putting it off because I felt a little intimidated by the competition. How would I open my home to strangers? Furnish the rooms? Get my listing up and running, and make everything look amazing. I wished I could have had a friend who was a host, or some professional advice to make sure I was doing everything right. That’s why I started my blog! I’m here as your seasoned Superhost friend, to walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know from starting up, furnishing, photography, listing description, and everything in between. With Mammamode, you’ll learn how to get to the top of the Airbnb Ranking and how to maximize your earnings, promote your Airbnb, and troubleshoot any issues.”

Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to showing off your Airbnb on social media: 

“Think of your Airbnb as a brand. Research shows that you have about 3 seconds to captivate someone’s interest on Instagram before they move on. Therefore, when thinking of the overall branding of your Airbnb ask yourself these three questions:

Vacation Rental Advice
Andrea’s Airbnb
  • How do you want to be seen? (A cozy cabin in the woods, a cool hideaway in the desert, a modern apartment in the city…)
  • What are 5 emotions you want guests to ‘feel’ about your Airbnb?
  • If your Airbnb is a ‘cabin in the woods’ you want to try to highlight everything unique about that vacation experience in your feed like quietness, nature, and space.  Therefore, always post with the potential guest in mind and you’ll truly promote your Airbnb on Instagram. If you make the viewer feel ’emotion’ and connect with your Airbnb there is more of a chance they will book!”

Andrea also has some specific advice for Instagram: “What works best on Instagram is making connections with your followers. When you get a new follower, start by liking a few other posts or dropping a comment. Also, remember to reply to their comments on your feed to encourage them to engage with other posts in the future. Engaging with your followers means that potential guests get to know you beyond the static Airbnb profile. If you stop and think about it, we all prefer to do business with people we know, like, and trust, don’t we? When guests see you on a social level, it’s easier for guests to remember you when they’re thinking about where to spend their next vacation.”

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Thank you to everyone for your support, and for following along with my blog! I hope you find my vacation rental advice helpful and inspirational. Feel free to message me if there is a topic you would like to learn more about and see on the blog in the future!

Vacation Rental Advice

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