Venice Biennale 2024 Guide: Discover Secret Spots Beyond the Crowds

The Ultimate Venice Biennale 2024 guide! The iconic Venice Biennale, celebrating its 60th edition, kicks off this month. For almost seven months, the exhibition with 331 artists on board, sets the stage for a captivating exploration of contemporary art.

Embrace the allure of Venice during the Biennale 2024, where art and culture converge in a spectacular display. I lived in Italy for over 5 years, and with the help of my Venitian friends, we created this guide. I hope it will help you explore beyond the well-trodden paths, revealing Venice’s hidden gems and gastronomic delights that enhance the Biennale experience.

Day 1: Iconic Art and Hidden Corners

Begin your Venice journey at the heart of the Biennale, but don’t miss the chance to explore the enchanting nooks of the city. Start at the famed Giardini or Arsenale, soaking in international contemporary arts. Later, wander through the less crowded Dorsoduro district, where art lives in the streets and hidden galleries like the Peggy Guggenheim Collection beckon.

Must-Eat: Bacareto da Lele – a beloved fresh fruit boat with friendly prices, that is refreshing after an art-filled day. Grab a glass of wine and a panini next door for the perfect snack! 

Explore the ultimate Venice Biennale 2024 guide! Discover hidden gems, top dining spots, and must-see art with our detailed itinerary. Perfect for first-timers and seasoned travelers looking to experience Venice like never before.        

Day 2: Cultural Immersion and Culinary Delights

Dive deeper into Venetian culture with a visit to less frequented locales like the vibrant Cannaregio district, known for its historic Jewish Ghetto and artisan shops. For lunch, indulge in the traditional flavors of Venice at Trattoria dalla Marisa, known for its authentic Venetian cuisine.

Highlight: Visit local favorites such as Tonolo for pastries and Cà D’Oro alla Vedova for the best meatballs in Venice.

Venice Biennale 2024 guide

Day 3: Island Exploration and Relaxation

No visit during the Biennale is complete without a trip to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano, famous for glassmaking and lace. These islands offer a slower pace and artisanal crafts perfect for souvenirs. End your day with a gelato from Gelateria Da Nico, enjoying views from their terrace.

Discover: Giudecca Island, is less touristy and full of serene spots ideal for reflection and enjoying the arts.

Venice Biennale 2024 guide

Where to Stay

Opt for a charming stay in Dorsoduro, away from the crowds yet close to major sites and Biennale venues. Consider the stylish and historical accommodations on Airbnb, like the Prestigious Historic Apartment for a truly Venetian experience.

Venice’s Culinary Gems

Venice’s culinary scene is as rich as its art. From the fresh seafood at Rialto Market to the intimate Osteria La Zucca, each meal complements the city’s artistic offerings. For a special treat, secure a table at La Barca for dinner, and don’t forget to enjoy a midday snack from the historic Fruit Boat on Dorsoduro’s canals.

Venice Biennale 2024 guide

The Venice Biennale 2024 offers more than just an art exhibition; it’s a gateway to the cultural heartbeat of Venice. With this guide, you’ll experience the artistry of the Biennale and the hidden delights of Venice, making your visit unforgettable.

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